The diverse range of top-quality services provided by Express extends to our transportation service, which is one of the best in Sudan. We understand the challenges presented by different types of goods and the terrain of the transportation routes, and our able and experienced drivers ensure that no matter what they are transporting, they do it in a safe manner. Based on the nature of the goods being transported, we make adequate arrangements. We provide container transportation as well as break-bulk transportation, while we also have sufficient experience of transporting special and heavy equipment, and are fully capable of transporting whatever our clients trust us with.

With a fully modern fleet of trucks at our disposal, we are fully prepared and equipped to transport goods of all types and in all amounts for our clients. There is complete arrangement to preserve all kinds of edible goods, while whatever we are transporting stays completely secured. Our transportation service is fully capable of transporting goods from Port Sudan to all the states. If you are interested in having your goods transported to any part of Sudan, get in touch with us now for best transportation services!

We offer transport services, which include Container transportation, Land transportation Break bulk movements, Special and heavy equipment movements, Fleet of own trucks and Port Operations We are capable of catering to your need transport within all states of Sudan.

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YES, and from any city or state allover Sudan

Usually, 3-7 days depending on the city where the goods are located, documentation completion and shipping the goods on board takes between 7 to 15 days depending on vessels schedules in Port Sudan

It’s free if you are using our clearance service till we stuff your containers, then it will be chargeable for any extra days our client need to stack all his shipments or wish to delay for any reason.

All the export documents you will require to clear your goods on your port will be provided including and not limited to OBL, FUMC, HC, PHYTO, PL, CI, COO, IC