Export Special

Just like our top-notch import service, Express also offers you with its export special service which is one of the best in Sudan. Export service covers every aspect that needs to be fulfilled in order for your export shipping to be green-lit. We offer a quick and quality service to get you the required permits from relevant authorities. We make sure that your goods to be exported obtain clearance from the government. By hiring our services, you won’t have to worry about filling out countless documents either, as our experts will do that for you.

Our export special services extend beyond completing documentation and getting it approved by authorities. We also provide logistic services for our clients, which includes handling the export goods and getting those properly loaded on the vessel in Port Sudan. All the required responsibilities to be completed on the docks at Port Sudan for your shipment will be performed by our company, and our vast experience will allow us to complete every task like clockwork. By hiring us for handling your export-related responsibilities, you can sit back while we provide you with the best possible service that you can expect, and keep you constantly updated along the way.

How It Works

  • 01

    We issue the ministry of foreign trade permit (Export contract) on the client’s behalf.

  • 02

    We issue the EX forms on our client’s behalf.

  • 03

    We handle goods from trucks board at Port Sudan for cross stuffing or warehouse

  • 04

    We issue the SSMO (Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization) certificates required for each exported product (only in Port Sudan).

  • 05

    We follow up with inspection companies if required.

  • 06

    We do the foodstuff fumigation if required

  • 07

    We may book and collect, clean (flush) the empty containers at the south terminal.

  • 08

    We do the cross stuffing of the goods lose or on pallets as per the client’s requirement (with photos)

  • 09

    We handle all required documents to the appointed shipping line and make sure to get the containers on the vessel board.

Have Any Question!

YES, and from any city or state allover Sudan

Usually, 3-7 days depending on the city where the goods are located, documentation completion and shipping the goods on board takes between 7 to 15 days depending on vessels schedules in Port Sudan

It’s free if you are using our clearance service till we stuff your containers, then it will be chargeable for any extra days our client need to stack all his shipments or wish to delay for any reason.

All the export documents you will require to clear your goods on your port will be provided including and not limited to OBL, FUMC, HC, PHYTO, PL, CI, COO, IC