Import Customs Clearing

Obtaining customs clearance on imported goods can prove to be a cumbersome task for importers, be it a one-time import or a routine import for a big company. Many importers in Sudan lack the resources or manpower to efficiently handle the import clearance from the customs officials at Port Sudan.

The organizational skills of our team at Express makes us a leading and reliable name when it comes to customs clearance of imported goods. Our high knowledge and experience of dealing with customs agents ensure that we obtain import clearance without our clients having to go through any trouble themselves.

Our efficient service includes submitting all your documents to the customs department on time, while we are in constant communication with our clients throughout the procedure, and keep them updated every step of the way. Our state-of-the-art system is the best in the region, through which all the documentation and payment is submitted on your behalf to the customs department. We always keep up with the ever-changing import-related rules and regulations to provide you the best service at the cheapest rates. With Express, you can easily obtain import customs clearance without any hassle.

How It Works

  • 01


    We complete the client’s import documentation using a trade license and tax ID and also issue the IM (import form) on our client’s behalf.

  • 02


    We get all special approvals from different local government authorities needed for cargo clearance.

  • 03

    Data Entry

    We prepare and submit all documents required to facilitate client’s imports into the country

  • 04


    The client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty, and co-taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.

  • 05


    Offloading the goods till delivered to the transportation department and returning empty containers if required.

Have Any Question!

YES, and from any city or state allover Sudan

Usually, 3-7 days depending on the city where the goods are located, documentation completion and shipping the goods on board takes between 7 to 15 days depending on vessels schedules in Port Sudan

It’s free if you are using our clearance service till we stuff your containers, then it will be chargeable for any extra days our client need to stack all his shipments or wish to delay for any reason.

All the export documents you will require to clear your goods on your port will be provided including and not limited to OBL, FUMC, HC, PHYTO, PL, CI, COO, IC