The Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies in Sudan, in today’s meeting chaired by the First Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Daglo, Chairman of the Committee, and the presence of the alternate chair of the Committee, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, Prime Minister, approved a number of decisions, including a plan to develop Port Sudan (Northeast Sudan) .

The Sudanese Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Committee Rapporteur, Ambassador Omar Manis, in a press statement, announced the start of work in the commercial portfolio to provide strategic goods, with the general assembly of the portfolio holding its first meeting next Tuesday to elect the board of directors.

Manis said that the committee issued a number of decisions regarding the Port of Sudan, which included financing the maintenance of broken machinery and equipment, buying new equipment, and building and constructing all berths for the port terminals.

He added that the Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies decided to implement the unified window for all transactions in the port, and mandated the Ministry of Justice to draft laws, legislations and regulations that guarantee the implementation of this, and the committee also decided to carry out administrative and legal reforms of the Maritime Ports Authority.

He added that the committee decided to assign a team of experts to present a comprehensive and strategic vision for the future of Port Sudan Port, in order to be modern in keeping with international standards.