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Express provides businesses in Sudan with a variety of quick and efficient services to make trading and storage of goods convenient for them, and to ease the administrative burden of businesses


Express Logistics has been formed to facilitate the efficiency of the overall trading processes in Sudan. With our organization, we aim to pave the way for greater efficiency and quicker results when it comes to logistics, and our mission is to make the trading environment more favorable in Sudan through our excellent customs brokerage, intra-country transportation, warehousing, freight management, and inspection services.


Our organization functions to make the business and logistic activities in Sudan more efficient, this is why we are involved in all aspects of import/export business transactions, and offer a wide range of services to our clients. In every task that we perform, we aim to attain the highest standards, which is why we are fully equipped with all the modern tools required to carry out our tasks effectively.

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Export and Import Documents hassle-free

Export and import hassle-free with Express, the most advanced and efficient customs broker in Sudan

Express was founded to solve the many logistics problems that the local businesses face in Sudan. Through Express, we serve to support and strengthen the business infrastructure of Sudan by offering several services that help the local economic activity to thrive. With our varied nature of services offering logistic support to organizations, we help to make business activities quicker and more efficient. Our job requires constant hands-on management and staying updated on the current state of affairs regarding our tasks and factors affecting our tasks, like government rules and regulations. This ensures that we perform duties like customs brokerage effectively, which requires having a complete understanding of official regulations. It is our clients’ trust that helps us grow, and we do our best to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our service. Based on our team’s skill and the experience of all our staff members covering different aspects of our services, we are ever-confident that we will bring our clients the administrative ease that they look for while hiring us.





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We stand out by solving logistics problems that the import and export business are facing in Sudan through our